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mysterious engine stall LS8


Junior Member
orlando, fl
This just happened to me earlier. Engine just shuts off. First time was while idling the second time happened a few minutes later as I drove down the road. No messages and the car started right back up.

I had just gone through an automated car wash. Anyone heard of this before? I saw no water on anything under the hood.

Recent work I had done, replaced transmission fluid and rotated wheels yesterday. Replaced battery about a week ago.
First time this has ever happened.

thank you!


With engine cold, car on level, spray windshield with garden hose and watch under the the wiper cowl. The wiper cowl seal(just a circular foam gasket on bottom of cowel) might be allowing water to run onto engine and under coil covers(if they're installed).
Common problem on the LSes. I fashioned an aluminum shield, with two holes for the cowel cover fasteners, and it directs any water that gets thru that gasket, rearward toward the bell housing area.