MKZ Hybrid efficiency leaf display


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I remember reading an article that described the efficiency leaf display in detail.
It also included info in when the flowers get displayed and the fact that once you get a flower, it is permanent and must be reset thru the system.
Does anyone know where I can get that detail again?


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Page 96 of the owners manual:

Right Information Display

Efficiency Leaves

Efficiency leaves indicate short term
driving efficiency. The more leaves
and vines that are displayed, the
better your fuel economy. Leaves and
vines will occasionally appear and
disappear to indicate a change in
driving efficiency.
Note:The efficiency leaves display can
be impacted by your use of brakes,
accelerator and accessories, as well as
environmental conditions such as hills
and weather.


Flowers appear on the efficiency
leaves screen in addition to the leaves
and vines. The flowers indicate long
term driving efficiency. The more
flowers that are displayed, the more
efficiently you have driven. Once
earned, the flowers will remain unless
reset. The flowers, along with the
vehicle's lifetime fuel economy, can
be reset through the information
display. See General Information
(page 103).
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