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MKS 3.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost engines have a known problem with water pumps destroying the engine...?


Junior Member
I just came across several Internet postings (many from mechanics) saying that Ford's 3.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost engines have a known problem with water pumps going bad and destroying the engine...

Anyone here heard about this or have this happen?


Don't forget the Duratec 33, 30 and 25...

I personally don't know of any Ford/Lincoln owners that have had their water pump leak coolant into the the oil pan. Lubricating with engine coolant will ruin an engine, after a little while.

Rusty Boltz

Senior Member
Fort Worth, TX
After reading the original post, I did some research. There was a redesign of the water pump for the 2013 models. It is supposed to make them more reliable. I hope so. My MKS is a late 2013 with a 3.7 N/A engine.


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3.5 water pumps are a pain. Just replaced my wifes in her 08 mkz. While we were in there we did the timing chain, timing guides, some solenoids known to fail. That said, hers is up there in miles with 130k, so all in, it could have been worse i suppose.

Now why did i buy a another 3.5?!... Oh yes, 88k and ecoboost :) A 3 year engine warranty doesnt hurt either... Gets me to roughly 118k worry free. Im actually hoping the pump goes soon, better the deductible than the emergency fund!


Two years ago, January of '17, I traded in a 2011 SHO with just less than 150,000 on it, for a like new 2015 MKS 3.7 AWD with 19,000 miles on it. Two weeks later I was at the dealer for a follow up visit and was told that the engine had blown in the Taurus. Service department believed the water pump had failed and taken out the engine. Dealer did not elaborate on the cause of failure for either the water pump or the engine.

Hopefully the water pump is more reliable and less likely to take out the engine. I have a CPO warranty until I hit 100,000. Have about 25,000 miles left on that. Loving the MKS though, awesome car!