Mental mirror Madness


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Love my 14 eco. Very grateful to have it. That being said I am pissed off at Ford / Lincoln for not including Auto folding turn signal mirrors on this car. Flagship, really? I might have waited and held out for a later model I don't know if they have them either. It aggravates my guts when I see a rice burner of the same year driving down the road with that feature. I would really appreciate having it especially driving in New York City and battling hostile taxi cabs. I'm a blockhead for not noticing it during my research. When I assume I make an ass out of you and me. Got to laugh LOL thanks for the therapy session🤪

Rusty Boltz

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Fort Worth, TX
"Flagship" is used loosely with this upgraded Taurus. However, I'm happy with mine and didn't even notice the lack of folding mirrors with pretty little lights. I do not/would not drive it in NYC.
I too was surprised that Lincoln's "Full Sized Luxury Model" did not have turn signal indicators in the mirrors. Also, what happened to the cornering lights that all my former "Full Sized" Town Cars had ???