Meet The 2019 Lincoln MKC (new face)


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The new 2019 Lincoln MKC is poised to attract even more luxury SUV buyers, thanks to its commanding new design, driver-focused technologies like automatic emergency braking and pedestrian collision avoidance, and an effortless ownership experience that builds on Lincoln’s exclusive Pickup and Delivery service.

Since its introduction in 2014, Lincoln MKC has introduced more people to the Lincoln brand than any other vehicle, with nearly half of all clients coming from other brands. Women account for more than half of MKC sales and, in turn, are driving growth in this luxury segment, which has increased 29 percent over the past decade.

“Our redesigned Lincoln MKC offers style, substance and technologies that create an effortless ownership experience,” said Kumar Galhotra, president, The Lincoln Motor Company. “We recognize it takes a lot to attract a buyer from other luxury competitors, but the Lincoln MKC has that kind of appeal. We believe the new MKC will capture even more luxury clients.” Read more...


I am delighted with this Lincoln as marketer add few more advantage. It's really better choice. You guys can try and hope it will nice experience.

Thanks to all!


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FWIW - I like the split-wing look. The change looks too much like a GMC or other truck face. One of my criteria for purchasing a new MKC was to get the 2018 split-wing look.
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