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Looks like the 04 v6 AC compressor is shot

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AC quit working at low rpms, so I put her on the lift and checked the low side pressure. It was too high. I know that metering valve on the compressor can fail and cause this also, but not wanting to chance trying to repair a compressor with 140K miles on it,I ordered a new 4 seasons for 213 bucks from PartsGeek. We'll see. The wife will be very happy if I can get it going.
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Got the new compressor on there and vacuumed the system. Put about 29 oz. of USA made refrigerant and 2 oz. of oil into system. Compressor came with 3 oz. inside it.
Air is COLD and compressor running quietly. Hoping for the best.

Side note? Both my hi and lo pressure fittings have no caps on them. The regular 134 caps that screw on won't fit. Does the LS take special caps? don-ohio
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