Looking for wheel info


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Hate being the new guy and starting off right away with a need help/info post.

Looking at most wheel sellers websites, tire/wheel seller websites, and even a wheel database site (Reference guide for car wheel and tire dimensions such as size, offset, PCD). I'm finding that the US spec LS Sedans used wheels with +40mm offset. Most note it as 7.5Jx17 ET40. Some of the Euro spec vehicles used from +38 to +42 mm offset. I physically look at wheels, and they are stamped with 60 for the offset. They've got the same hub size.

I've looked at different years, the 2 models (6 cyl, 8 cyl), ... they're all showing as +40mm offset. I've called the dealership but the only thing they could tell me was what would be stamped on the wheel.

Can anyone shed some light for me? I don't have an LS to check this out specifically so relying on the expertise here.

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