Looking for idle stop solenoid

Jerry Smeltzer

New member
I just picked up a 79 Mark V in Maine and drove it to Seattle the next day.
Now that I'm back home it's time to iron out a few wrinkles, one being the Carburetor idle stop solenoid- can't find one at my local parts house but there is on on eBay part number D7DE-9D856-AA but there list says it won't fit my application. Second this thing needs some new springs.
I can find the springs out there but I do want to lower the car and I would like to buy some springs that are lower in profile for a straight swap out (versus cutting a brand new set of Springs and then installing them) for the proper ride height. That being said I have been wanting to get another Mark V for twenty years and this one has some nice options and I'm happy to have it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Jerry
I'll start looking for other parts as well...
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