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Lincoln Way mobile app


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The other day after parking I think I forgot to lock the car. So I walked back to the car and locked it. Lincoln have an app for that called Lincoln Way.

My LG4 is android based so I searched for the Lincoln app in the Play Store, easily found it "Lincoln Way" and downloaded for free. There are a few registration steps where your e-mail address is your user id and you set a pin. After this registration the app gets updated. Now on your phone you click the app and it unfolds with some info but when you slide the screen up you see an additional 4 menu items. Add a vehicle (essentially registering your vehicles and only requires entering your VINs); Selecting a dealer (is a search by name or location or address and you select the dealer you want and can access info from them); Messages (provides ready access to messages sent to your app); My Account (have not explored that yet).

To access your car it must have a modem which is standard on the Reserve. So from the add vehicle menu when you update you car VIN the app sends a message to your car to connect to the modem which is completed by starting your car and responding to the car's screen by allowing access. The message did not come up while the car was running, but after switching off the engine and pressing the start button (foot off the brake) the screen went through its normal procedure and then came up with the message to allow (or not) remote access. I pressed allow and my phone received a message (in the app) that I was connected to my car. So I can now see a menu by pressing "operate" (with a key icon) at the bottom of the screen that shows my car features: fuel level, start engine (scheduled or immediate) and doors lock and unlock buttons.

So given the initial issue of perhaps not locking my car I can now lock it remotely, and it works. Also I can locate my car on a map and access roadside assistance and Concierge.

I probably will not use it much but it is handy on occasion.
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