Lincoln Way App - Phone as a key

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Recently a few days after receiving our 2021 Reserve L Navigator back from the shop I tried multiple times under the Lincoln Way App to setup my phone as a key with no success.

I then called the Lincoln Way App help number to see if they could resolve the issue. I was on the phone with them for over two hours. We were disconnected a number of times when they asked for me to power off my phone and turn it back on and they were always quick to call me right back. The first time I was disconnected I wasn’t able to reconnect with the original person who was helping me but the second person was able to pick right up as they could read the notes from the first person.

We uninstalled the App, turned on and reset the connectivity of the SYNC system. We were not 100% sure what the issue was, possibly turning on “Motion & Fitness” but we also tired resetting many combinations of other features, but in the end it started to work and has ever since!

I have to say this experience was vastly different than our numerous attempts to resolve another issue with the Lincoln Concierge and I have to give the Lincoln Way App support personnel credit for their politeness and determination to resolve the issue.

The phone as a key feature is pretty neat as I’m more apt to have my phone with me than the keys to our Navigator. If your vehicle is equipped to use your phone as a key I'd recommend giving it a try.