Lincoln Towncar 2007 President I need some info

I was investigating whether I can find the specifications of a President Towncar.

I see that of signiture and desingner but not of President.

For example, see this link

The 2007 Town Car is available in four trim levels and two wheelbase lengths. Sharing the standard (117.7-inch) wheelbase are the Signature ($ 42,175), Signature Limited ($ 45,040), and Designer Series ($ 47,300). Signature L ($ 50,645), on the longer, 123.7-inch wheelbase, provides more headroom for all passengers and nearly six inches of additional legroom for those sitting in the rear seat.

There is no mention of a President version. Who knows more?
Is this what is left over of the brand?

Being put on the trail of E & G I found out they made aftermarket products and the top that I have was put on a base trrim level I think.

Can you see which version it is from the dashboard?


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