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Lincoln plans suicide doors on the Continental sedan

Pasadena Lady

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Will the government regulations prohibit suicide doors because of potential injuries to passengers? After all , how many people want a car with “suicide” doors? I would hope that a better name or description can be made to maintain good sales numbers.
Apparently someone reported this on a facebook group a week or so ago. This person said it's not a new Continental, but a Black Label Continental L that will allow for suicide doors and will be limited to 500 units to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Continental. Time will tell if this is accurate.


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Ottawa Ontario Canada
This was in a Lincoln group page. I think it's more likely that suicide doors show up on an all new Continental, but a limited run is still possible. Suicide doors were part of the plan for the current Continental, but were dropped somewhere along the way.
There was a design study, just a few years ago, of a large Lincoln (that morphed into the new Continental prototype) that had suicide doors. My dealer showed it to me some years ago from the Lincoln site; but Sal and I cannot find that design picture now. The suicide doors were dropped in the actual Continental prototype.

Suicide doors seem to have a design cachet that is difficult to translate into production of modern vehicles.
I was told that the reason the idea of suicide doors was dropped from the current generation was that the structure lost rigidity with those doors since the platform was not originally designed for them. To make the structure stiff enough to control NVH would have added even more weight to an already too-heavy vehicle. Further, it was concluded that they offered no benefit regarding entry and exit of the vehicle.

I do not think for a second that we will see suicide doors on the current generation. Additionally, It would be ridiculous to the trouble of revamping the structure for a limited run of 500 cars.

My hope (and expectation) is that the next generation will be on the new CD6 platform and have the suicide doors.
Resurrecting this old thread. This rumor of a special order stretched Conti with suicide doors keeps coming back. I find it very hard to believe but info seems to be coming from usually reliable sources.

For the life of me, I can't understand why they would do such a thing.....if the Continental is going to be dropped and not replaced.
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