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With all of the trouble I have been having with my Corsair GT PHEV, I decided to educate myself on the PHEV system used by Ford/Lincoln. My background is electronics at Motorola and in the US Navy for about 40 years. I spent a few days retrieving this information from service manuals and then putting it into a document I could study. I translated all of the Ford technology "words" into real words I could understand. So, for what it's worth, I have attached my document for you to take a look at and download if you want. The code that is causing my car's problem is detailed at the end of the system document.
Have a great Thanksgiving one and all. Pat


  • Lincoln PHEV System.pdf
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Great work putting that document together. One thing I notice that is very different from the Toyota system, is the use of a conventional starter motor for cold starts and then a motor/gen belted to the engine for later starts. Toyota uses a single motor/gen for all starts and it is geared through the planetary gear set rather than belted. Seems simpler.

Good luck with your PHEV problems. Hope it all gets sorted.