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OMG I think I\'m getting one...

[quote name=\'jsev22\']Well, I had to replace the air struts, the chrome wheels (they hate winters and eventually the tires won\'t seal from the plating coming off), a/c compressor (pulley shit the bed, nice piece to have to replace on my WINTER car :wtf: ), shock mount bushings. The worst of all is the non-HID headlights. It comes from a extremely poor design....my housings were shot. I found an almost new condition one at the boneyard, still can\'t see shit without the highs being on. I\'ve driven the car for almost 15k miles with the highs on and NEVER has anyone flashed me for it, THAT\"S how crappy the design is! :rant:

Phew, I feel better! Ask NYCLSC what he thinks of his VIII ![/QUOTE]

:dunno: :nono: I loved my VIII..... until some broad told me the car was ugly and asked \"what the f$%k is up with the hump?\" lol crazy women :p Funny though I have some pics of her in a thong posing with it


OMG I think I\'m getting one...

Few days short of a year of ownership, and I still love my VIII. There have been a few issues (door handle broke, and I need to replace my air struts) but everything else about it is great. comfortable, fast, and stylish.

Blue Trans Am

OMG I think I\'m getting one...

[quote name=\'SeventyCutlass S\']bahaha

my fiancee\'s older sister just bought a 2005 Altima.... cause she just had a baby :D[/QUOTE]

Oh shit! Congrats Erin! I hope the kid grows up happy. :)
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