Lincoln LS power steering issue

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Hello, I just bought an 04 LS that has 112k on it. It sat with the sunroof leaking a little for a CPL of months so I knew it needed some work. I have some mechanical ingenuity because I grew up in a garage with my dad and I have some mechanic buddies. So my power steering pump was leaking and I kept driving it while adding fluid until I had the funds to fix it. Well, the pump seized up and my pulley came off. I bought the pump but it didn't come with the pulley. I've purchased 2 pulleys that O'Reilly's said would work but neither is close with a bore size of .6271. I can't find a pulley with a smaller bore size or when I run the vin find the correct pulley. Does anyone know the correct bore size. I also have the part # for the pump as well and still no luck and autoparts stores can't seem to help me either. HELP PLEASE
I'm not in a position to take to the dealer or spend $80 on a pulley.