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Lincoln ls fuel pump getting power problem


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I've checked all the fuses relays and electrical components i replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. Sometimes the fuel pump turns on and sometimes it doesn't. I have no clue if it has something to do with the battery or the ignition switch i would love to hear some feedback. It started out with stalling out and bad acceleration so i thought it was the fuel pump so i changed that and replaced the filter and i am still having the same problems if you guys have any ideas please comment. Lincoln ls v8
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You must have a code or two(check engine light?) . Also, if you turn on the ignition key right after the fuel pressure has already pumped up, the pump won't activate. You don't always hear it. You need to read the fuel pressure on a gauge,also read the gauge with the engine running and when you give it throttle.
I will look in the manual and get back to you. don-ohio


Jack, I was too busy putting on the multifunction switch on my 03 LS today, I didn't look up your fuel pump question. I'll look tomorrow I hope, but my wife is really sick with some sort of stomach virus.
Do you have any codes? It could be coil-on-plug and plugs are bad. They cause all sorts of trouble.
If you don't know when they were last replaced, they may have some age. Replace with Motorcraft Coils and original equip plugs. Check each plug out of the box for proper gap.
It could also be a dirty MAF sensor. Unplug it and see if it runs differently. don-ohio


This has every ear mark of a bad Crank Sensor. First make sure there is or is not current getting to the pump, if there is current getting to the pump but the pump is not running then its a bad fuel pump even if you just put a new one in, BUT, if there is no current getting to the pump …. Check the following:

Note: the percentages below are approximations according to my experience as a mechanic and are relative to my observations …..

20% of the time >>>Fuel cutoff switch in trunk
18% of the time>>>Crank Sensor (usually the connection to the sensor is oiled and/or corroded and a mere cleaning will fix)
15% of the time>>>Incomplete ground either at the fuel pump or the ground at the ECM (car's computer)
14% of the time>>>Fuel Relay
10% of the time >>>Centrifugal switch usually located on fords under the back seat (usually is tripped from a fender bender or even a very bumpy country gravel road)
10% of the time >>>Fuel fuse (if there is one on your model)
5 % of the time >>>Computer Relay that feeds into the Fuel Relay
5 % of the time >>>Computer itself is faulty
2 % of the time >>>Faulty Ignition Switch
1 % of the time >>>A severed wire to the fuel pump (somewhere along the way from the car's computer to the fuel pump which could be under the carpet somewhere or at the door insulation or along the frame or near fuel tank)

Over 90% of the time, the problem is not a sensor, its a sensor CONNECTION that is loose or Atrophied or corroded. Always clean the connections and plug the sensor back in and it will work most of the time. However, it is recommended to take a hammer with you when you pop the hood, if you see a Gremlin, WACK EM!

I hope this helped.