Lincoln Continental Cancelled?


I live in Sofia-Bulgaria which is EU member state between Romania and Greece :)

Anyone saw the Lucid Air launch yesterday? 2021 Lucid Air Dream Edition Revealed: Range, Pricing, Specs, And More

It's an ultra modern practical* "form follows function" cab forward design**.
* Look at the headlights - they are just light sources, not some kind of modern surreal Salvador Dali "no one can guess whether it is a cow or a flower" pieces or questionable "art".
**Cab forward means stretched passenger bubble with A-pillar very near or above front wheel arch. Pioneered in cars with the Lamborghini Portofino prototype made under Chrysler ownership. In commer6vehicles it is known from the 50's, where the whole cab is above front wheels and sometimes Infront of the front axle - such as Mercedes 300 Gull-wing transporter - see Jay Leno for a video on it.

I can't think of an automobile that is closer in design and function to the Continental.

I have always admired cab forward sedans such as Chrysler New Yorker, Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler 300m.
An ICE automobile is really a little compromised in this configuration because of the transverse drivetrain. Although maybe 80-90% it cars are with transverse drivetrain. Most of the compact cars can't benefit from cab forward, because they are just small.

One of my decision making points was that the Continental is the best iteration of cab forward, being very technologically advanced in the same time. It has the highest specific power engine in a conventional large comfort sedan automobile still almost four years after it's launch. Also the fuel process efficiency seems to be also on the top of the scale. Having in mind all the EV development surge and all resources thrown that way, the 406 hp 3.0 Ecoboost might go in history as one of the last and most efficient high performance engines being contender for the first place. Deviations such as the Alfa Romeo 2.9 turbo are excluded for being 90° V-6 and powering incompetent non full size and compromise equipped cars. Also the German high power V8's are terribly inefficient and unreliable.

For a family 193 and 182 cm (6-4 and 6) with a toddler where the mother has to ride in the back seat, the Continental is in a league of it's own in non stretched, non long wheelbase cars. - another decision point.

Another point is the passenger volume being larger than a large SUV with fuel efficiency at my speed of driving being lower than a diesel mid or full size SUV driven 10-20 mph slower. (Former car for 14 years is 250hp turbo diesel 2006 Land Cruiser 100 series in highest trim)
Drivetrain NVH is an order of magnitude lower than a 7 speed W-222 4.7 i.e. non existent and buttery smooth.
Interior design is a designer's job, especially with light tone leather and glass roof.
Also cheap maintenance.

Cancelling of the Continental is a mournful event for all automobile fans, irrespective whether they realize that.

Lucid Air is the spiritual descendant of the Continental and that is apparent. There are rumours for Lucid Air estate car which will be the ultimate automobile.