Lincoln Continental Cancelled?


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The Continental just reminds me of my wife's MKZ which I do not like. I prefer her 2008 MGM which she traded in. The MKZ ride is so different being a Unibody with front/rear sub assemblies. Currently Lincoln offers nothing for 2018 that I would want. I'll just keep my 2014 Navigator, which by today's prices, was priced within line. A 2018 with the same equipment is very near to $100,000. Today's profit is in the SUVs.


Should not have to pay extra for the extra cost seats. Should be comfortable with the standard seats. After all, this is not a Focus or Fiesta. IT'S A CONTINENTAL.

The BEST SEATS I've ever had were the seats in my
1994 T-Bird. (Remember that car - large 2 door coupe, RWD with IRS). Seats were very comfortable. Could drive long distances with no problems or pain.
I also had a 1994 Thunderbird and I agree that it was a very comfortable car with great seats. I used mine for business and put well over 100,000 miles on it with zero repairs or problems. The seats in my Lincoln LS were good too, but I can't brag much on the rest of the car. My MKS exceeded all of my expectations but the seat bottoms were about an inch too short - leaving insufficient thigh support. Otherwise, it was quite comfortable.

For what it is worth, I test drove all 3 series of Continentals before I ordered mine and while the seats in the Premier lacked the adjustability or massage, I found them quite comfortable. Of course we are all built differently so what is comfortable for one may not be so for another. I will say, though, that the 30 way seats in my Continental are more than fabulous.....once you get them adjusted to your liking. The various adjustments can be overwhelming at first and that is why some testers claim to be unable to find the sweet spot. If my dentist had a chair as comfortable, I would look forward to a root canal.


Just yesterday the driver's seat moved all the way forward (on it's own accord) and my driver couldn't adjust the seat. Fortunately he's quite short and was able to drive a customer to the airport.
This occurred right when he arrived at customers home, while he was out of the car grabbing the customers luggage.

I had to send another driver to trade cars with him, when he cleared at the airport.
When the car arrived at base, I couldn't adjust the driver's seat.
I locked and unlocked the doors, tried to move the passengers seat (which worked) then adjusted the driver seat and it worked.

Reason driver's don't want to drive it, is the uncomfortable driver's seat. The shoulder bolsters are not comfortable. These guys are in the vehicles for 8 to 12 hours each shift.

If the '18 Navigator seats are similar to the Continentals, I won't be buying them.
Ditto DITTO: Exact same seat problems as my Continental. What about seat forgetting it's setting? What about steering wheel slowly setting lower each time you re-enter car and have to reset memory once or twice a week. (There are other flaws also, to numerous to list). Dealers do what they can reflashing the computers on these turkeys but these are engineering and design flaws, not dealer flaws. I don't bother complaining to dealers anymore as not much they can do.

BTW. A few months ago, I mentioned a friend who had Lincoln take his top of the line Continental through Floridas Lemon Law. Lincoln replaced it with another Continental. Well,,,,,, spoke with him last week and he got rid of that second Continental turkey. (Did not ask him why he got rid of the second one).


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What about seat forgetting it's setting? What about steering wheel slowly setting lower each time you re-enter car and have to reset memory once or twice a week.

Hi Ctrcbob,

-In regards to what you stated above “What about seat forgetting it's setting? What about steering wheel slowly setting lower each time you re-enter car and have to reset memory once or twice a week.” This sounds like a driver side mirror power motor issue.

It’s Very Easy to Install on a 2009 mkS 3.7L.

I was able to install the OEM heated driver side mirror power motor in under 25 minutes on a 2009 Lincoln mkS 3.7L, shown here (
). The bezel contains only three screws and it does not seem it will easily break.

A replacement heated side mirror motor that works for both sides goes for about $59 on Amazon ( Ford 6U5Z-17D696-D - MOTOR ASY: Automotive).



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Interesting: but why in this thread which is about Ford cancelling production of the latest Continentals? And why about a 2009 Lincoln side mirror whereas we are discussing the latest generation of Continentals - 2017 -2017. Maybe you can't read?


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I actually quite enjoy my continental. I moved from a rear-wheel drive Mercedes E350. I would say it is very comfortable but do agree it is a little understated and demure but anyone that has ever jumped in with me was well impressed with the fit and finish and the giddy up of the 3.0L GTDi V6. I enjoy giving it to the boy racers at the traffic lights :). I would say they missed an opportunity with the dash. The drivers screens are nice and customizable but the navigation and center dash, interface seems last generation. Might investigate an Aviator next, might just keep this one for fun too. Originally drove it home from Buffalo to Seattle (bought used but weren't too many to choose from in the used market in 2018). Just did 2500 miles over 10 days around WA, ID, WY and MT - lots of fun !!



Maybe the problem of the Lincoln Continental is the same as the problem of Opel Senator A-series. A marvelous car that marketing kept a secret. The said Opel is Porsche fast in 1978 and on par with the fastest BMWs of the era being a big car.
And marketing and advertising is everything these days. Because:
1. Lack of marketing brings you less customers in first place; and
2. What is more important, it brings you the wrong customers; and
3. Even the right customers that happen to obtain the product do not have the right attitude towards it.

Back on the introduction. The Continental has more power than any German direct competitor in full size class and pricewise it is unmatched. This is two out of two. The S-class 500 is 3.0 liter 360-something hp for good three years now. Audi and BMW don't have a 6 cylinder engine with that kind of power, still stumbling around 340 hp and terrible real world efficiency.
In a simple Reserve 3.0 you get all options that are useable by a normal man, aven more than that. Try using the "extras" in a german car and you'll hate it.
My father drives a 4.7bi-turbo 455 hp S-500 for 5 years now. Front row experience is only comparable to a big old Cadillac - I give it that. Reliability is worse than the Continental, there are some glitches and it's far more expensive. The driving experience is incomparable. The S-class is anty automobile. Terribly light steering as in old Cherokee XJ. Fuel economy expecially mixed and in town is purely terrible. When I get 15 mpg which is good in our traffic, the W222 returns steady 9-10mpg. Rear seat leg room is terrible, if the passenger or driver doesn't lift their seats, you cant put your legs inder. - here the MB is worse than a Jetta. My favourite W222 defect is that in long journeys your elbow gets roasted by the heat protruding from the back of the arm rest! Infotainment in german cars is nothing other than pitiful colourful maze of meaningless menus. I can go through every aspect and tell you confidently that the Continental is better than a W222. It's not perceivably slower than the 4.7 V8, although I know it is. What is more important is the NVH, the 3.0EB with the 6F-55 does an order of magnitude better job at smooth operation than the 4.7 with the 7g-tronic especially when you need smoothness - slow and calm driving. Also the outside noise of the Mercedes is like a modern diesel, it would make various noises, fussing, air turbines winding up, cooling fans DI injection, it's ridiculous. But the worst is low speed and low rpm operation with perceivable NVH.
Ride wise, the W222 is with 245/50/18 and the Conti is 245/40/20 AND still, the ride quality bump wise is better, steering insulation from irregularities is better even though the Conty has better weighted steering with better feedback. The only thing the MB does better is filtering small irregularities. Even further, at exactly the same outside dimensions, the Mercedes is confusingly undrivable in tighter spaces and streets and worse at parking. Driving on winding roads, Conty - excellent, MB ridiculous. MB is archy ridiculous, the comparison with old Cadillac is completely in place. - a compliment and a diagnose, big block power in a boat. Continental is the same size boat, more space inside and an actual automobile.

Let's get back to the marketing and the wrong buyers I mentioned. On the scale of 1 to 100 where 100 is the theoretical ideal automobile and assessed by a very competent user who had no other car experience, the Continental is somewhere above 90% for the 2017-2020 ICE model years (no major advancements). So that random guy who got the Continental goes around every day with this thought in the back of his mind: Ford engineers din't put that last 1% of effort. Or 10% depending on personal subjective scale of magnitude. They din't do that, they didn't put this, here it could be made better, etc. etc. Does that guy have any clue what is the answer to the same question in other brands? I am asking in my capacity of 14 year owner of the most reliable car in the world - Land Cruiser - 100, costed 120.000$ in 2006, 176.000$ in todays money. That's good 3 Continentals. The same question could be asked for the W222. It is inferiour to a Jetta in more than 1 or 2 ways, including rear leg room.

Let's put it simple: If you rebrand the Continental as Audi, BMW or Mercedes and handle it to that kind of buyers just rebadged and maybe restyled, you will get completely different feedback. They'll brag all day and all night. 2.7 engine will be status item, 3.7 will be adequately respected and the 3.0 will be the halo model. Just make a 3.6 650 hp version and run 100 units, everybody will drive their's thinking they drive the GT-engined one.
No one will ever complain about not being able to adjust the best anatomical seat in the industry.

BTW, one real slight disadvantage is the slightly simpler operation of the automatic LED headlight. I don't see that system being anything more than automatic brights with added corner lights. But that's al i can think about. And so what? You can't touch such lights at that price point.

You get what you pay for and in the present case much more. The problem is with the brainwashed users and the inadequate and incompetent journalists. Ford also helps with that lack of 0.5% effort. Handling the cars to users at the top of their price range and giving them what to complain of. - you loose the word of mouth that way. General Lincoln maintenance is pocket money for German car users.
And I read several times about some kind of Hyundai... Genesis. Design is the ambience you live in. I can't think of more wannabee design than the Hyundai G70-80-90, it's just ridiculous and insult to any sensible man. Comparing of state of the art fuel process engine like the Ecoboost to that medieval underpowered lumps that even manage to be heavier is just an act of self-exposure.
The Continental is the best designed interior and would say exterior on the market today. At least untill 09.09 when the Lucid Air airs...

Todor, 38, closing on 1.000.000 km / 620.000 miles of driver's experience in Europe.
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@Todor thank you for your experience with your Continental and the comparison to other makes. It is much appreciated to hear your views of these cars in real world conditions.

Ford marketing for Lincoln Continental is non existent in Canada and probably the US as well. The marketing heads change occasionally but the lack of any competence stays the same. There used to be movers and shakers at Lincoln with vision and a work ethic to make it happen. The new marketing head does not seem to be any better in dropping the best Lincoln ever made in my opinion.


@Todor thank you for your experience with your Continental and the comparison to other makes. It is much appreciated to hear your views of these cars in real world conditions.

Ford marketing for Lincoln Continental is non existent in Canada and probably the US as well. The marketing heads change occasionally but the lack of any competence stays the same. There used to be movers and shakers at Lincoln with vision and a work ethic to make it happen. The new marketing head does not seem to be any better in dropping the best Lincoln ever made in my opinion.
I should add that in late 90's we had a high trim 1991 5.0 Crown Victoria (vynil top, blue silk velvet upholstry, rear air suspension, fancy blue metallic paint, etc.) During the years I have rode in several friends and clients Town Cars as well.
Panther is not better than the present Continental. It's nice and corners well at high speed as strange as it might sound. Also it seems panthers are not ageing well, somehow they look like SUV's now and they didnt in their prime, looked long and low.
Continental is not well understood, because the designers blended full size with modern handling and modern car feel. I bet a Tesla owner would appreciate it more. Or a Renault Megane owner. - Both advanced modern tech chassis cars.
I deffinitely appreciate it chassis wise because I compare it to many cars, Lexus GS300-1999, Catera/Omega/Monaro (GM Platform V-RWD) - the second best car at Moose test... S-class, Megane, Jetta, Land Cruiser, Mustang GT, Audi A8 (cousin's) etc. It's just present day handling and technology with both feet, that's why people don't fully understand it. Sometimes I go to ski by plane and then I rent different cars which are all brand new, I know what I am talking about. Especially BN French and Italian cars, they are all some kind of turbo DI gasoline engines and either two-clutch 7 speed auto or 8-9 speed auto. Again, on that background German cars are archaic in their road manners, feel and ride, especially BMW.
But who am I and what difference can I make. This has to be experienced. Every person I have told that Renault Megane 1.33tce is exemplary makes a face as if they want to measure my body temperature and have me checked for COVID deluson. The same when I tell someone how torquey, efficient, fast and pure a 1.4tsi Jetta is. But that's the truth, those are the advanced chassis, engine, fuel process and user experience cars. Irrespective whether how big or in which class they are.


It's a rank affront to diss Genesis, build quality on the G80 is streets ahead of Lincoln, you only need to remove a piece of feeble plastic trim once and it's shagged, never, EVER to click back into place correctly.
Try replacing the cabin filter on a Continental, what were they smoking when they thought, " gee, that looks easy ".

Plus the Genny is RWD, like all big cars should be. Steering wheels at the front, drive wheels at the back, all is well with the world

Agree about the Genesis 3.8 engine though, it's a big useless lump, no guts and drinks like a Texan hooker.
The interior of the Continental is nice. But I am not a fan of the exterior styling of the newer Continental because they copied the Jaguar XJ in the front and the rear looks Volvoish. I think the MKS is a better looking car as its styling follows the Lincoln heritage and is more a true successor of the Town Car, in a youthful way. Its a shame Ford is not building Lincoln cars down the road. Hopefully they will come back as electric cars. We will see.


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Remember that Ford once owned both companies....
The Ford Fusion, and the Lincoln MKZ and Continental all have the looks from the Austin Martin of whom Ford also owned at one time.....
This is why they look like they do. 8)


Jaguar is very dependant on Ford. They don't have their own engines and the contract ends soon. They tried to adopt BMW engines, but those prooved to be so unreliable none survived the test cycle Ford engines go through. Aston Martin is also an orphan company, now they buy engines and transmissions from AMG and for top end cars they order limited numbers to Cosworth.
The new Volvo S90 looks like a copy of the Continental. With ridiculous interior and equipment - all journalists state that the infotainment is impossible and nerve wrecking.

Again, a full blooded Lincoln can be judged only by Lincoln criteria. It's a Lincoln and then it's an automobile and then trere are other automobiles. An independant category.
Genesis is just a product at similar price point. An imitation of every appreciated feature from car manufacturers that designers considered worth copying. It's a mish-mash.

In the same type of thinking as the latter posts, the last Ford Taurus is the best car in the world. Full size, big boot, good ride, allot of features, 300 hp and for cheap. It's also pretty fuel efficient for it's size. Still other big cars exist.

99% of what we are talking about is brand image. Lincoln has the bad fate of having customers who like other brands and want other image but for some reason buy Lincoln and then blame it for being a Lincoln.
We have an old dimb saying: "You ride a soldiers truck by sitting in a soldiers truck and riding a soldiers truck.". So you either appreciate riding in a Lincoln automobile to different destinations and like the travel experience, or you consider the car some kind of toy for itself irrespective of it's main purpose: transportation.
Lincoln automobile for transportation is what it is, designwise, performance-wise and spec-wise. Aslo price-wise. Different manufacturers have different profit margins and different manufacturing and engineering efficiency, so price-wise comparisson does not necessarily directly point to direct competitors.

BTW, what's wrong with the ailien looking and sophisticated design of the Continental? Prefer a low end wannabee designed cars, that's OK with me. But that doesn't mean Lincoln is something less than a Lincoln.


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Back in 2014, I did not have a car. So I was renting cars from the car rentals...
I picked the mid-size cars, and often got upgraded for free to the large cars...
in that time, I drove a VW sedan - hated it ... 2 Ford Fusions loved them both, a Chrysler 200 - hated it and took it back the same day. A Jeep, liked it but I'm not much for that type... a Merc E240, liked it, a Lexus 200H, nice car it's the lexus version of the Prius, and a few others that I don't care about
I ended up with 3 Fusions, and now an MKZ-H