Lincloln MKC roll off in Park - 3 times now!


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Sorry for the quote of the other article. It wasn’t intentional. My phone is awkward in posting.

I saw this and thought there was a possibility that maybe there was a flaw in the design that caused the buttons to somehow snap out of drive, not that I touched them.

Your responses have insulted my intelligence and twisted my words. I’m very upset that my rolling car could have killed my son, who’d been standing in front of it just before I started it and whose bedroom it would have gone in to had my porch been a few inches shorter. You are making it much worse. I’m dealing with Lincoln Concierge and I’m no longer going to respond to your sarcastic comments.
Hi Brenda. I have been trying to help you, and had no intention of being sarcastic or insulting. Nor have I tried to twist your words. I have not accused you of anything in any way. I have not questioned your story either. I am sorry if it seems that way to you.

I have simply tried to explain to you how the systems in question operate and tried to stop you from wasting time looking in the wrong places (i.e. that article). And in the case of the article you linked to, pointed out that the transmission button design is not being changed due to any safety flaw in the design. It is simply being changed as an aesthetic change and appearance improvement. Lincoln simply thinks the "piano key" transmission buttons look nicer and also offer the benefit of taking up less space

I have clearly stated several times that I completely understand your frustration and aggravation and that I would be frustrated too. Your frustration has you lashing out at someone who has only been trying to help you. Therefore, I will step away, since I certainly did not and do not want to make you feel worse about what happened.

Hopefully another member will jump in and try help you.

EDIT - And I forgot to mention: In post #7 you stated that "The body shop thought the airbag should have deployed, given the engine compartment damage. It’s electrical too and it didn’t." The body shop should know better. The reason the airbags did not inflate was because no one was sitting in the front seats. The front seats have sensors which tell the airbag system if anyone is sitting in the front seats. If a seat is unoccupied, the airbag for that seat does not inflate.
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