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just purchased used 2014 mkz hybrid purchase - had some questions


New member
Very happy with my purchase so far in Toronto, 80,000 kms on it and car is certified pre-owned by Ford, multi point inspection done on it and seems to be in great shape with a brand new set of winter tires fitted. I have 5 year financing on it and intend to use it for the full 5 years and maintain it well/ drive near 200k kms

From the reviews, i was hoping to get 800kms per tank fill of 51 litres. So far, in the 2 days i have driven, i keep on getting reading of 7L/100 km, in fact my last trip was 28kms long and 7.4L/100 km reading came.

- I currently have it on normal drive mode and have EV+ on, can you share some tips on how to get the best fuel economy?

- The hybrid parts warranty is till 160k miles or kms?

- Any tips on maintenance to make the car last long? Also why is there no RPM ?

- For my acura tsx, even during the cold months, when car was first started, i didn't wait for a few minutes for the car to cool down, rather just drove it gently below 2/3 rpm until the car became warm and ready to accelerate. Can the same still be done with the mkz hybrid considering there is no RPM and not car temperature gauge?

The hybrid battery seems to have a stigma on it while i was reading the forums? With some people saying to sell the car by 160k miles and others saying that they didn't have to replace the hybrid battery and their cars have 250k miles on them. What's your experience like with the mkz hybrid battery/ car in general

Thanks in advance


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My wife has the 2018. She doesn't drive efficiently at all. She gets 6L per 100km in Toronto mixed. You need to brake a lot more to charge up the battery and be very soft on the gas. Unfortunately I can't answer the other questions.