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Just bought 2018 MKT, have some questions


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The biggest issues with buying an R-title, is it can, and usually does, void any factory warranty.
I mentioned that in my post with my sq5. Salvage/rebuilt title will always void the factory warranty but I didnt mind since it would have been up soon anyways. I saved $10k on the car and what are the odds something would have broken that costs that much money? It's all about the numbers and what damage was done to the vehicle. Im not buying a car with major structural damage or severe flood damage. Im fine buying something with light damage to it if the numbers are good. There are so many youtubers fixing salvage cars their popularity is going up a lot which is pushing prices up too on certain cars. Look at salvage teslas. They are selling for insane money.

As I previously mentioned my MKT came from a dealers auction so the title and carfax were both clean. However I discovered a little damage behind the trim piece which was a surprise. I got the car for a great price so even having to fix it wasnt a huge deal. My numbers were still great. I paid $26k and retail on it is $33k-$35k for this car. $1,400 in fees/shipping plus another $1,000 in the repair. My wife loves the car so it's all good. It does need a set of tires soon though.


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Altoona, PA
When I was searching in September, there was a low mileage (14k, I believe) 2017 in Utah with a low water flood salvage title. All necessary repairs were performed (dealer specializes in such vehicles). They had it listed for $20,000. It was tempting, but I wasn’t buying one without at least a drivetrain a warranty.

The dealer deals with some credit unions who will finance out of state buyers, so that wouldn’t have been an issue.