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Instrument/Gauge cluster flipping out


New member
Hi all,

I have been on this site many times to find information but my first time posting.

I have a 2003 Lincoln town car signature. A friend named it “Walter.” Walter has 361,000… About to turn to 362,000. I have replaced the engine, the front suspension, the rear airbags, the suspension air pump, the intake and intake gasket, the air-conditioning condenser, two alternators, two water pumps, and lots of other parts. And probably a Partridge in a pear tree that I didn’t realize I had to replace as well…

My most recent issue is that randomly and unfortunately more frequently, the trash control warning light, the traction control button light, the ABS light, and the parking brake warning light will come on and stay on until I turn the car off and started again. Then will be out.
Most recently those lights came on but my digital displays are lit up and all the other warning things like door ajar or trunk ajar work but the actual numbers are just dashes instead of actual characters/numbers. The odometer, the speed, and the distance to empty characters are what show as dashes but the labels all show up like normal. It seems like it’s a data connection issue maybe but I’m wondering if it’s more of a connection issue on the backside of the cluster?

Anyone have any ideas or electrical ghost/gremlins like this ?

Please help! And thank you in advance!