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I'm sitting on my seat belt receiver! Can I relocate it so it comes out next to the console instead of the hole in the seat?


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I just bought a 2004 TC Ultimate that's in like new condition, only 38K miles. I wanted one of these cars because I'm a big guy and need a big seat. The seats in the car are plenty big enough, but I have a big problem...my bum covers the seat belt receiver. Not only does this make it darn near impossible to buckle my seat belt, it's also like sitting on a rock. Has anyone ever relocated the receivers out of the holes in the seats? If so, do I have to take the seat out to do it?


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I do not know, Bub, but I feel your pain. I have a very skinny butt and the belt receiver in my '03 is still jammed up against the side of my hip.

Welcome to the Lincoln club. 38K miles for an '04 is great!


Push the seat belt through thr hole if possible, If not it is bolted to the right seat mount.
You should be able to unmounted it from just loosing and taking off the 1 nut.
I forget if it is on top of the seat bracket or below. If below than you have to remove all 4 nuts or bolts on the seat. Look up how to do it as you need to pull the fuse for the side airbag connection.
Not very hard to do takes about 15 min..