I am SO upset! The "helicoil" repair on my engine either failed, because I "popped" another spark plug from the cylinder head!


For a single time, you're better off taking it somewhere that knows what they are doing, preferably with a chassis dyno to tune it on. I'm sure ford left some performance on the table if you're ok with premium fuel and such.
That's what I mean. It's not cheap though. All these $50 hp, tq fuel mileage chips are crap. Ppl have not said anything good about them. Cheapest way is to learn how to do it, which you can if you study and have correct laptop software, or go to edge, hp tuner etc. Its about 200-500 depending on who you go through and what's all on the tune. I like to learn new things and have a laptop so I'm doing that soon. We had a apt fire Dec 4th so we've been stuck in a hotel with 2 kids under 3. So time I dont have. Or patience either!! 🤣

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Back on the original subject, my Lincoln is running right again and he's no longer "coding". It ran like a champ all the way to Vancouver and back. (55 miles each way).
I dropped by Dr. Auto today and after a little "wiggling" of the horn relay, the horn is, again, working. (WHEW)!