How to reveal factory keypad code and hidden sync menu - video tuturial


How to reveal factory keypad code and hidden sync menu - video tuturial :geek:
Be warned: I am not very good at tutorials and sorry for the accent :D

Lincoln infotainment system has at least two hidden functions:
1. Hidden menu with themes, testing settings and some other that I don't dare to mess with. I advise you not to alter any setting that you are not completely familiar with or is not completely self explanatory.
You ulock that either by presssing and holding together next song and CD eject on the dashboard, or by pressing and holding together next song on the steering wheel and on the dash. Then end the speaker test and explore the menu. Watch out for the menu enable slider in order to display it's icon in the settings of Sync.
2. Revealing the factory keypad code.
You reveal it by shutting off the car, placing the first key into the armrest storage compartment holder, powering on the car without starting (no brake) waiting 4-5 seconds, shutting it down, then throwing the first key on the rear seat and replacing it with the second key which you grab from the back seat, power up the car again and after several seconds the code is shown in the intrument cluster.

1. Anyone know of more hidden menus and functions?
2. How about the logging settings? The manual states that the car records 30 seconds before crash. What does it record? Cameras like in Tesla sentry mode, cabin conversations LoL, speed etc? Why are all logging settings OFF by default? Or these are different logging settings?

That's it. Best regards!

P.S. Be sure to remember which is your initial theme as I immediately forgot and now i am on some of the Lincoln themes.


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The #1 way to look at Sync themes is temporary, it will reset to the stock one when you power off and back on the car.
with Sync 3, nothing to worry about... in the Sync 3.4 themes the ones that have numbers in them are for the larger screens... again turning the car off and back on resets that...