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How Loud Is Your TC Exhaust?

My '07 has more "growl" on acceleration than I think I should be hearing. I have an appointment Monday to see if there is an exhaust leak. Ideally, I'd like to hear as close to NOTHING as possible. The noise I hear seems to come through the pass door. I'm also suspicious that the door seals have collapsed a bit after 14 years in the desert. Maybe the door seals are a bit leaky?


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Not enough. Loudest thing on the car is the power steering pump, tires and transmission, in that order.
And I'm 41 years old, not a kid looking for glasspack noise. I can hardly hear the engine over the other stuff,
none of which is loud really but still.


my 2011 has just the right amount of bark. if i accelerate moderately the exhaust is very sedate. if i step on it hard you can hear it just fine. mine has dual exhaust and i think ford did a good job engineering the noise level.


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Yes dual, and it's well made too, has a tiny H pipe, many little weights on it, good hangers.
It's a nice setup, just quiet which is fine and by design no doubt. You really can't hear the thing
though, if you get on it you hear things happening but none of them are "hey, that's a v8 pulling".
My 90 with factory duals and the towing package gears made a lot more traditional noise, unobtrusive
but you knew there was a v8 doing work if you wound it out a bit.

The cop car version is basically identical save they do not have the two little resonators on the end right before the
exhaust exits.


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My 2011 with dual exhaust is one of the quietest V8's I have ever driven. In town at some speeds, almost no engine sound. Same at cruising down the highway at 65mph. almost no engine sound. Totally refined, especially to today's new 4cyl and 6 cylinder cars which are noticeably louder engine, stiff riding, this includes Toyota/Honda engines. if I get on it hard, nice little performance V8 sound, but it's very quiet/muted. Far quieter than our Sienna V6 van which is semi refined. lol.
Ok, I discovered the source of the excessive noise!

My 07 has always lived in the desert. As such, the DOOR SEALS became dried and shrunk a bit, allowing noise to enter the cabin. I had the seals replaced and the car became way quieter! I think it is now normal. The man who replaced them for me owns an 05 TC, and he test drive the car after installing, and said it was now normal!