How Do I Get To These Blend Actuator Screws

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2014 Lincoln MKX.

I followed the instructions shown below from the shop manual.
Except I don't know what step 3 refers to. Anyhow, is step 3 the secret to getting to the barely visible and hidden screws? Seems doubtful.

Any ideas?

Thanks In Advance,


This will show you where the insulator is located. (Top screws through glove box opening, bottom screw from underneath after panel removed).


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Thanks enigma-2.
But mine has a bit more trim pieces. Specifically an inner cowling that encircles the glove box opening and an outer similar cowling. ActuatorCircles.jpg

See mine above indicating where the screws might be and this one below from a youtube video:


Note there is a lot more space around the one in the video.
In the picture of mine, I removed the cowling shown and there was another one behind it of similar shape. All this made me cringe at the thought of trying to get my mitts in there so I used a hole saw to give me access to the hidden screw. See below:

If I had to do it again I would not have removed the outer cowling but just drilled through both.


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Well, I just learned something. On Nov. 1 the driver's side was blowing cold when I needed heat. I was all prepared to tackle changing this actuator when I found this post:
Re-calibrate Actuator
Just hold down Defrost and Power.
And low and behold, it worked. No need to change anything. Good thing because after opening things up it looked to be a real problem getting in there.

Now I wonder if I needed to change the passenger side actuator.

This seems like something that should be in a "Sticky" since it it so simple to try before busting a gut changing the actuator