Hood Strut/Hood Supports Failure


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I had a body shop replace the hood on my 2015 Navigator Reserve. After the replacement whenever I pull the hood release the hood doesn't move, there is no lifting of the hood by the positive pressure of the struts as there was before the replacement of the hood. Typically, this symptom has one of two causes:
  1. The hood struts or hood supports have failed and no longer have the lifting ability to raise the hood when the hood latch is released.
  2. The replacement hood installed by the body shop weighs considerably more than the original hood installed at the Kentucky plant.
  3. The hinges are tighter somehow creating more resistance to movement thereby requiring more lifting force from the struts.
So I went to my local auto parts shop today and purchased new struts to potentially correct the most likely problem, #1 above, the hood supports had failed. Unfortunately, there was no improvement whatsoever after replacing the struts with new struts. The new struts, by the way, were allegedly very high-quality replacement parts which offer a lifetime "free" replacement guarantee.

I checked the hood to see if it had been replaced with a steel hood which might be heavier than the OEM hood but the current hood is non-magnetic and therefore not steel. Of course, that doesn't mean that it isn't heavier than the OEM hood. And there doesn't seem to be any increased resistance in the operation of the hinges.

The next step will be to talk to the body shop owner tomorrow and get his thoughts. Meanwhile, I was hoping to get some input from other forum members regarding this issue. Has anyone else experienced problems with new hood struts not being able to support the weight of the hood?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



The struts don't lift the hood the first inch or two from the closed position because their angle to the hood almost zeroes out when the hood is closed.

Should be a coil spring in place to lift the hood, it should be at near it's full length when the hood is up as far as the secondary latch will allow it to rise.


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I have 19 Nav and the Hood does Not lift by itself once you release the latch inside the vehicle or release the latch under the hood. You have to lift it a little bit, maybe 20% or so and then it starts lifting to open position. Maybe your problem is completely different but just wanted to share what I have in a brand new vehicle.