Holding a Gear in SelectShift™ Automatic Transmission


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Hi, all. I prefer to put the transmission into "Sport" with the Adaptive Cruise Control on when I am in a slow stop-and-go traffic situation. That is because I do not like the transmission shifting up to a higher gear as the car accelerates building momentum when the traffic starts temporarily moving again. If I hold it in second gear (or even third in some situations), engine braking will avoid having the car charge ahead prematurely. The only thing I don't like about that is that, even in Sport, the SelectShift drops down to first when the car stops, or nearly stops, causing one to have to shift up to second when there is room to move forward.

However, one day last week coming down through the Rockies between Vail and Denver there was a major closure of I-70 that created a miles-long backup that included me. I don't know what I did to cause the following but somehow the car, in Sport transmission mode, stayed in second gear! This was great because the car certainly has enough torque to move off from a dead stop in second and then use some engine braking to slow down to zero when appropriate. The car operates just fine in second gear alone from zero to about thirty-five MPH. As I said, I don't know what I did to achieve this and I have been unable to replicate it since, either. I would like to do this more in the future but I do not know to lock out first in similar situations; any thoughts? This would also be good in very slippery conditions where it is often a good idea to start off in a gear higher than first.