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Holy crap, late night drinking post!

What\'s up with the police academy thing?

SeventyCutlass S

Holy crap, late night drinking post!

[quote name=\'NYC LSC\']What\'s up with the police academy thing?[/QUOTE]

hell yeah, we havent heard anything about that for a while


Holy crap, late night drinking post!

Ohh, well there is the police academy, and then there is my degree. I dropped my classes for my degree this semester, because I was out for 3 weeks, and my attendace prior was not good by any means. The police academy is what I need to go through after being hired. I have not applied at any police departments yet, I want to work for the milwaukee police department. I tried applying there in may, but due to the gay law (you have to be 21 at time of application) I could not fill it out. I was going to turn 21 4 days after the cutoff date for the application, by time anyone say it I would be 21.

So milwaukee only hires every 2 years, or so they say. They hired this year (when next year was going to be the next) basically a year early. They are accepting applications right now again due to officer shortages, so I am going to get my app in. So thats whats going on. I could be a cop somewhere if I wasn\'t picky. I have been working on getting a armed security/drive for loomis and fargo, I have to call them back today and set up an interview.


Holy crap, late night drinking post!

Come down saturday night. Drinkfest the likes of which ye have never seen.