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My name is Amanda, and I have a 1998 Lincoln Town Car. It was passed on from my late father so it holds beyond sentimental vaule to me. Recently all the issues I've encountered is the air suspension. My boyfriend and I just replaced the air compressor and air springs this last Saturday. We felt confident we did everything correctly, before lowering the car I tried to engage the new compressor so the bags could fill up with some air before we release the full weight of car down. The air compressor will not engage. We tried slowly lowering my car down more but it's still not engaged?? Please HELP! Another issue I had was my abs and trac control light but was told its a wiring issue. Would this have something to do with my air compressor not kicking on? Someone brought the level and height sensor to my knowledge but how do I check those as well??


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There is a switch in the trunk for the air suspension to turn it on or off. Is this switch turned on?

The height sensor on the rear axle sends a message to the suspension module that the car is at trim height or above or below trim height. So you need to lower the car below normal height but not sitting on the ground (axle bump stops to be more precise). Sounds like your car is still raised too high so above trim height. We have a procedure to check the ride height and to trim the height sensor after replacement in our Tech Forum here: Town Car air suspension height sensor replacement and adjustment

We have a forum for the Town Car here: Lincoln Town Car Forum (1981-2011) there will be more help there.

The air suspension module gets vehicle speed info from the ABS module. I don't know what effect the ABS problem will have on your suspension. If the air suspension module thinks the car is moving then there is a delay of 45 seconds in making any adjustments through the compressor of vent solenoid.