help me diagnose my issue plz


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Hi cpark, First thing you should do is check the fuses for those accessories. You can find the fuse box locations and fuse numbers for those accessories in your Owners Manual by looking in the Index under "Fuses". After you check the fuses, post back and someone may be able to help.

Considering you have another post concerning a no-sound issue with a new sound system you just installed, it would be within the realm of possibility that the sound system and window moonroof issues may be related.

Also, it probably would have been better if you had posted both issues together in one thread here, instead of hijacking/piggybacking on someone elses thread about your stereo issue.

Keep us updated and good luck.
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I checked all fuses and relays everything is good there. I also have reinstalled the factory radio system as the aftermarket system didn't come with the proper wiring harnesses to work with the Lincoln. Radio works perfectly fine still the front windows or panoramic roof doesn't work. The rear door windows work fine. I'm stumped.
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