Help!! Lincoln aviator diff problem?

Joey Morrison

Junior Member
Hi! Im new to the forum and just bought a lincoln aviator 2004 4.6 all wheel drive. Every time I turn at very loi speeds the tires seem to be locked in front and there's a big bang like if a metal part would bang some where in the differential or transfer case? Has anyone had this problem or have an idea of what it could be? Thanks!


Junior Member
Hi Joey,
Just to be sure. I would first check the wheel hub /front wheel bearings. Week point, I had to shift both , even it only had 30k miles on it.
Lift the wheels, and usa a lot of force, trying to tilt it, sidways, Grab the top and check for momvment and see if you can see any grease or other leaks.
If you turn the wheel, you might feel something is wrong.
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