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Help finding circuit breaker panel location on 1970 Lincoln Mark III

Kenneth Corl

New member
I’ve been trying to find the circuit breaker box on my 70 Lincoln and I’ve had no luck. Someone on the forum said that it was next to the master cylinder, not there, what i see is a bunch of splices. In my wiring diagram book it says it’s in the passenger compartment. No luck. I’ve taken the entire dash apart to find it and Couldn't find it. The a/c compressor won’t turn on but everything else works. I know in the manual it says R.H side of dash panel and I’ve checked everywhere. The picture of the wires is located left of the master cylinder. This was my grandfathers car and he passed away so I have no idea how many miles the car has (I have no idea if it’s gone around once or twice) or what work has been done to it.