Help decoding VIN on 1978 Mark V


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Hello all,

I have been doing a lot of searching on the Lincoln I recently bought but I am still coming up with holes in the identity of my 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V. The VIN is 8Y89S916420. Or the options which are 6PXU|32|65D|BT|11D|2|U|A I know the vinyl top color is supposed to match the interior but I cannot find an "XU" designation for 1978 or even 1979. There is also a factory looking badge on both sides of the car that I cannot place. There is a badge centered on the door a few inches below the window that says "MGW". I haven't been able to find this badge anywhere. And with all of this I cannot get an accurate number for how many were made like mine. Any help in filling in the blanks will be greatly appreciated!

Here is what I have been able to find:

Engine- 400 c.i.d.
6P- Cream
XU- ?
32- ?
65D- body style
BT- Chamois
11D- ?
2- 2.75:1 axle
U- Automatic