help decipher some error messages


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Hi, I got a 2000 LS V8 a few months ago and there's a couple things that are bugging me:

1. Right after I start it (ever since I got it) it gives me like 5 cycles of 5 beeps (yet no check engine light). Sometimes it also does that randomly going down the road.

2. Also it says I have to change the oil but as far as I know the previous owner changed it not that many miles ago (but it did sit for a few months since that happened and I got it). The oil still looks perfectly clean (however after I've driven it hard when I'm waiting for a stop light the oil light will come on right at idle (which is at about 600 RPM) but it immediately goes out again as soon as I touch the gas.

First does anyone know what the beeping is about, second, how does it determine I need an oil change, and third, is this normal for the oil light to come on sometimes at idle after its warmed up and been driven (and if not, what's wrong or what weight/type oil should I change it with to stop it)?



The oil change should be reset when you change it. It will give you another 3000 miles or so. You say you CHECKED the oil,but did you check its level?
Not good for the oil light to flicker. I have always used 5W30 synthetic rather than 5W20. No probs in all my tens of thousands of miles on both LSes.
I do not know the Gen I LS,which you have. Get the codes read at Auto-Zone after you reset the oil mileage.