***HELP*** 1999 NAV. EGR cleaning. Please read


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Okay so I have a 1999 Navigator 4x4 DOHC. I have spent m ore than a few hours searching online trying to find out WHERE the EGR Valve is. Reason being service engine soon light came on and code reads P0402 (Excessive Flow)
ALL of the pics and diagrams I've seen show the EGR right there in front next to all of the other EGR system components. Just my luck my car is different. WHY? (Not a question just a sign of frustrasion.) Though I guess if you know that answer it would be nice to know also.
So I find one thread talking about taking the TB off and it's right there behind it. Not the case. Now I grab my flash light and mirror and go searching following the hoses as before and tada EGR about 3' from the back of the car stereo unit. GREAT!!!
I mean this thing is all the way in the back of the engine under the dash smack dab in the middle behind the intake. Reaching in I can't even touch it with my finger tips from either side or from the top. Only way I see of getting to it is to remove the whole intake.
So I have a few questions.
1) Is there an easier way to get to it?
a) Going through the dash in the cabin (probably stupid idea but maybe theres a hatch like on vans)
b) Going down from the wiper/cabin filter area. Is there a big enough hole to make it work?
c) Your idea?
2) Is there something that a few people can vouch for that will clean the system without taking it apart? LIKE MAGIC
Seriously though is there a good spray to use?


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Maybe turn off the system EGR, using chip tuning?
For example, by company - SCT? Gas and Diesel Tuners | Tuning Software
Firmware of the SCT, turn off the systems : OS2, EGR and speed limiter
I clicked on the link and the sight it directed me to didn’t have enough detailed information for me to choose the correct chip or software to isolate sensors at my discretion. I have 3 vehicles all 2004 f-250, e-350, navigator all with the 5.4L V8 Triton. I would love to be able to isolate a sensor for diagnostic purposes. 4-O2 sensors and a plethora of sensitive sensors. So if I can bypass it with out causing an error code I could find what needs to be cleaned or replaced with style . I would be the weekend mechanic warrior victor, another words it would save a lot of busted knuckles and time. Every person I know that likes turning wrenches for fun will buy one and I might just turn into the salesman that facilitates
Thanks for the help huntcorey66@gmail.com


Berkible 2+2 Gum Cuttter (found at any auto parts stores- carb cleaner section ) and it'll work like new. I've used this stuff for many years, it will remove the thickest varnish/gum build up unlike the other brands. As for getting to it? You answered the only option. Don't let the removal scare you, plan for a few hours.
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