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Having trouble wiring aftermarket stereo in 2003 Town Car with Alpine system (amp&sub).


New member
First off, I'm new here. I just purchased my first Lincoln, and I love this car! The factory head unit worked fine, but I purchased a new double-din head unit for more modern amenities and the correct Metra wiring harness (70-5521), and had no trouble matching up most of the wires. On the Metra harness, there are two blue/white wires that say "amp turn-on (12v+).” It seemed odd that there were two identical wires on the harness, and I didn't have matching wires on my head unit, so I took a shot in the dark and connected them both to the "ACC 12v+” on my head unit. I'm getting sound, but the audio sounds washed out, the front speakers are much quieter than the rear, and I'm getting buzzing and popping noises that increase with engine RPM's from the rear speakers. The only thing I can think of, is I have some grounding issues somewhere (I crimped all the wires well, but struggled a little getting the head unit in), or I did something wrong connecting those AMP wires. I'm going to take it back out in the morning and mess with it some more, but thought I'd check for any insight from any of you guys that have been through this process already. Thanks in advance!