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Has anyone engineered a workaround for the leaking plastic intake manifolds?


New member
I really don't want to go the long way; removing the throttle body, vacuum lines, injector rails, etc. Has anyone found a sealant that works on whatever composite the manifold is (don't know what kind of plastic it is so how can you buy a sealant), or just taken the heater hose coming from the firewall normally going through the manifold and creating another problem; and routed it straight forward along the valve cover to the back of the water pump?
Has anyone thought outside the box on this?

Rusty Boltz

Senior Member
Fort Worth, TX
I presume you're referring to a late 90s TC. I had a '97 Grand Marquis back then. The fix was to replace the manifold with an improved design. It cost me $1000, which I later got back as a result of a class action lawsuit. As far as I know, there isn't a workaround.
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