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Griping About a Dealership

I got my Continental door latch recall work done this past week. Today when someone rode in the back seat and they shut the door, I could hear a loud rattle. I had her open and shut the door a few times and yep, a rattle it wasn't making before they took the car in.

So today was the first day that I drove the car besides driving it home from work Friday after they dropped it off. I quickly noticed a blemish in the hood. I looked closer and see two small dings that were touched up with touch up paint and a very small dent all in a little area where they must have dropped something on the hood. I'm really friggin pissed. I'm pretty certain they're going to deny this, but it's obviously from them, especially with the two touch up paint areas.
My dealership always takes pics of the whole car with their iPads when I drop it off. Not yours??
The guy with the service that picked up my car did but they probably wouldn't show that angle of the hood.
I have the feeling that they're going to tell me I should have pointed it out Friday when they dropped it off to me while I was at work. I did a quick walk around and looked at the sides but not the hood.