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GPS maps download


New member
When I bought my 2018 MKZ the GPS maps were two years out of date. They finally have an update for my vehicle but it doesn't work.
When I tried to download the update it said my ESN number was incorrect but I copied it exactly as shown on my Sync 3 info screen. I called the 800 number and gave them my VIN # which they used to identify my make year and vehicle color and gave me a new ESN # which was completely different from the one my car showed me. I used that ESN number and was able to download the required files and user license number. I transferred them to a new USB drive formatted as the instructions indicated.
When I plugged the USB into my car, the update ran for a few seconds and then an error code ERR05 message came up. According to their trouble shooting info, that message indicates an incorrect ESN number. Why does my car have a different ESN number that what is on record at Lincoln and how do I resolve this problem. Has anyone else had this issue?