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Hey all!

To start, I went out a few mornings ago and my 2014 MKS wouldn't start. I look at the battery and the positive terminal has wet corrosion on it. I figure being here in WI and the sub-zero weather has frozen my battery. I went and bought a brand new one and I got power inside but couldn't start the vehicle. The brake pedal would not push down in order to press the start button + I was getting every error message possible.

Well, I don't have any idea what's going on so I call the dealership and get the vehicle towed in to where I bought it since it was a certified vehicle and still under warranty.

The dealership had it for 2 days and said they replaced the battery terminal thingie (square thing that the 2 harnesses hook up to). They didn't have it in stock hence the two days. But it's starting good.

I get it home and park it and when getting out of the car the steering wheel turns now when the car is off and in park. There's no more steering wheel lock!

Anybody have any idea what's up with that? I'm not imagining things am I? I've had the car for only 3 months but I'm pretty sure the steering wheel would lock after putting it in park.

I'm thinking maybe something was wrong with the wheel preventing the car from starting and maybe the dealership "removed" the problem...?

I mean, the wheel doesn't turn like it's assisted but it shouldn't turn at all in park and engine off!

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Hmmm, that's a good question. I have a '17 Taurus (Ford's version of your car) with push button start & I'm fairly certain the steering wheel in my car does not lock. I'll have to check that out next time I drive the car & report back.

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I have a '13 MKS, also certified pre owned. Had the same problem with the battery terminal, but the dealer took care of it. Steering wheel doesn't lock (hadn't noticed until your post; I went to the garage to check); makes sense with keyless start.


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Serious guys? I haven't noticed it until just recently like I said. It's not really noticeable on regular concrete but in my garage where the floor is smooth I notice it right off. I have a bad back and fake hips (overseas injury) and use the steering wheel a bit more than others when exiting. Inside the garage, the wheel moves super easy. I think I would have noticed before now.

Thanks for checking though. I have an appt at the dealership on Monday, maybe I can cancel it. :)

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I have both a 2014 and a 2015 MKS, and neither one of them locks the steering wheel when the engine is off. You must be thinking of an older car that you had before the MKS. I had 2 Town Cars before this and both of them locked the wheel.