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Fueling problems with my 2000 continental


New member
when putting gas in my 2000 continental the only way I can put gas in the tank is a slow trickle if you try to squeeze the gas pump any harder than just barely it backs up and clicks off like its full even when empty what could be causing this problem ? I just got this car and this is the only thing I don't like about it hope fully someone knows a fix for this


Junior Member
First, I assume you have tried different pumps/gas stations, and the problem is with the car and not one particular gas pump. You might also want to check to see if you have any OBDII codes stored in the car's computer that might indicate a pending problem with the fuel/EVAP systems.
The filler pipe should be checked for any blockage or collapsed hose.
Putting gas into the tank is the same principle as filling a bottle of water. Water goes in the bottle, as the air in the bottle escapes. Your gas tank works the same way. Fuel goes in, air/fuel vapors come out.

The car is equipped with an EVAP system which is designed to catch these fuel vapors.
The EVAP system has a charcoal filled canister to catch the fuel vapors, and a canister vent valve to atmosphere, and a lot of other components.
If the EVAP canister is plugged up, or the canister vent valve is not working properly, or any of the EVAP system's hoses are causing a restriction, the air/vapors can not get out of the gas tank and will cause the pump to shut off.