fuel door on 2007 town car


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I have just purchased this 2007 town car and find that the fuel door won't open. When I use the button there are no sounds and when I try to pull the cable nothing happens. Which fuse controls the electric fuel door? I looked in the owners manual and cannot see anything in the fuse section about the fuel door. Thanks, JOhn Henry


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From what I can gather, the fuel door fuse also supports the lumbar support on your seats.
Try the lumbar support, see if it works.


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I have checked the fuse and it is ok. I can not find anywhere that shows the release parts and how they should work. The door itself is not frozen shut. I would like to work on this car as a project as I have the time and would like to learn about it. I have taken the screws out of the neck collar, the door off, the the plastic shell screws with the door cushions, and I thought I could somehow pull that whole assembly out. I cannot see anything in the truck, but the cable which seems to be extended all of the way out so it doesn't work. I have ordered a service manual, but would like to get at this as soon as possible. With everything torn apart I can't drive it as I would like to. My ford mechanic says to just spray the crap out of it as maybe the actuator is stuck. I did that and took my air hose to try and blow into places I couldn't get at, but still nothing. The switch pushes down and returns so it is not the spring there. What should I be doing???

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So it sounds as though with it taken apart as far as you have it, you can't remove the actuator from whatever it mounts to? Can you unplug it? If so, how many pins are in there? If it's only two, try to put power directly to the pins & see if that does anything.

It's odd that the pull cable doesn't do anything. Normally that's just a mechanically operated mechanism on most cars.
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