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Found all windows open


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I found all the windows open on my Nautilus after I locked the vehicle twice. After the second time I did some research. Found out that I did it by accident with key fob. Also found out you can turn off this feature (which I did) from the control panel on dashboard. Just click off widow remote open and close.


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Chicago, USA
f you didn't know you could do it, and did it accidentally, I can see how it would be disturbing.

There are a couple of features you can activate with your key fob. Opening and closing all the windows is one of them. Remote start, tailgate and others as well.

On 98º days it's nice to open the windows as I'm walking towards the car to let that hot air out before I get there. I

Lincoln has how-to videos on their customer site with all the things you can use your key fob for. I've got an MKX, but the feature set is pretty much the same for the Nautilus. Make sure you learn how to start your car if the remote battery dies, just so you don't get stuck somewhere.