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Ford Announces that the Continental will be dropped in 2 years.

Just back from an 800 mile trip to Charlotte for Fathers Day. Super comfort, 30 mpg at near constant 75 mph. Frigid A/C when outside got to 103 outside Durham yesterday afternoon. Just to prove I could, boosted to over 100 a couple of times -- perfect, seamless, effortless. Best tire balance of any car I ever owned. Wonderful machine. Wonder why there is no advertisement? I think FORD is ****ing it up!
Times have changed. I'm shocked that the Continental couldn't make it - as nice as it is - but competition is fierce these days. And the playing field has leveled to the point where the Genesis G90 is on par with the previous generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class - which is a tremendous feat for Hyundai...
I would never buy a Genesis over a Benz. That's just crazy. Yeah, it's jammed with features, but the quality just isn't the same. Things on the Genesis feel cheap. The Benz feels like a well made tank. The people at Lincoln need to investigate their competitors more deeply and speak with their customers more often.

Now this is a beautiful machine!


I gotta agree with Jack, Town, and Joe. My '17 has the 2.7 with just 335hp but it goes when I need it to go and sips when I need it to sip. I love that it is a sedan which makes it easier in and out than a truck. Also the titanium door inserts are appreciated in the cars and not required in trucks, I believe. If I want to sit up I can drive the F250 4x4 Crew Cab. But I like a little sport and a lot of comfort. My commute just went up from 26 miles each way to 32 miles each way, so sippin in comfort is the thing for me! Its been a year now and a little over 12k miles. I am still in love with my Continental.
Here is the latest.
Details come from CarsDirect, which reported the 2019 Continental will start at $47,140, or $985 over last year's model. The price includes the mandatory $925 destination fee. Adding value to the increased price is the fact all new Continentals will arrive with Lincoln's Co-Pilot 360 suite of active safety features. They include automatic emergency braking, active lane control, and blind-spot monitors. As the pricing analysis shows, automatic emergency braking was previously unobtainable with the Continental's base model. Instead, shoppers needed to jump to the Select trim and add the $4,215 Technology package, which meant a starting price of $56,830.
Speaking of the Select trim, it now starts at $50,940 or $1,830 more than last year. The only change is the addition of Co-Pilot 360.
Moving up the trim hierarchy, the Reserve now rings in at $60,705, $4,925 more than the 2018 model. Again, there's more for buyers to appreciate with the higher price. The Technology package is now standard, making up for $4,,215 of the difference. The Climate package also joins the standard equipment list ; it was an $850 option last year. The Tech package adds other goodies such as park assist and head-up display, while the Climate package adds heated rear seats, wiper deicers, and a heated steering wheel.
Finally, the Black Label trim now starts at $71,040, or $4,630 more than last year. It gains the Technology package as standard and Lincoln's 30-way power adjustable seats, previously a $1,500 option.
Continental sales are down as the market continues to prefer crossovers and SUVs to sedans, but Ford's luxury brand may show its dedication to the segment with something special. This past March, it was reported Lincoln could re-introduce suicide doors for the Continental. Anonymous dealers confirmed the brand showed the car with the iconic doors at the 2018 National Automotive Dealers Association meeting in Las Vegas. Let's hope that unique feature does indeed return to the Continental.


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It is hard to imagine the engineering required for suicide doors for the current rear door shape on the Continental. So is this an indication of a new architecture for the future Continental, as brucelinc has suggested. So how does this fit with the title of this thread?
Earlier this summer, I decided to sell the Continental. I had just bought a new Mustang and my wife has an AWD Taurus so we really didn't need the Conti anymore. However, with the future looking bleak for sedans, I have decided to keep my Continental. It is superbly comfortable for road trips and there may never be another sedan that I like as well.

I still hope Ford decides to have a Continental sedan on a new platform. However, I am starting to doubt least in the foreseeable future.
Fake news or not fake news if Lincoln is to stay viable it needs something to keep it attractive to buyers. The latest commercials are not doing it. The Camilla Caballo commercial was a bit more but it is gone being replaced by a low key one. I feel that Lincoln must do more to attract consumers to its brand. Lincoln wants to stay in the luxury market with its SUVs but needs a sedan to compete. Is it the Continental? Maybe they should bring back the MKS!
Just like I was saying Lincoln needs at least one sedan. Even if sales are only 600 a month or less. The sakes of the SUVs are doing great such as the latest report.
“Navigator sales were up a total 101.6 percent in August, key in guiding Lincoln’s overall SUV sales to a 14.8 percent year-over-year increase. Lincoln reports that the Navigator saw a 230 percent retail sales increase in California last month, and that transaction prices totaled $84,000 per unit — up $29,000 year-over-year.
The Lincoln MKC and MKX also contributed to the brand’s positive sales momentum in August. MKC sales were up 3.4 percent at 2,423 vehicles delivered, and MKX sales were up 1 percent at 2,394 vehicles delivered.”
I often see Genesis mentioned on this forum.

1. Genesis Motors has not been able to get their dealer network set up in the USA to date. So,,,, you can't buy a 2018 anywhere.

2. Genesis G80 is one heck of a great car. Especially with all the options.

3. Genesis G90 is pure luxury, but the rear end treatment is not to my liking.

4. Genesis G70 entry level is nowhere to be seen in USA, although sold in Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the world.

Genesis MAY get their dealer network set up by October, but I've been hearing that for months.

5. As for getting problems fixed in your luxury cars, I had problems with my Mercedes E350, but dealers ALWAYS could fix the problem, always under warranty. My Avalon always fixed. My 2017 Continental is a different story. So many little problems. Dealers can't fix. Standard seat is the MOST Uncomfortable seat I've ever had. Feels like I'm sitting in a wedge. (Can't fix or adjust - that's the way it is). Seat position loses memory. Steering wheel position loses memory. (Don't tell me I should have purchased the extra cost [$1500+] seats as a luxury car SHOULD have good comfortable seats.

I've been a FORD man for years, but no more. I purchased a "lower" brand for my wife and not only does she love it, I love it.

Unlike my GREAT 1998 and 2002 Continentals, this 2017 has turned me completely off of FoMoCo products.

Once Genesis Motors gets their act together, I may give them a look see.
Since I ordered my Conti in advance I had no way to check out the seats. You are correct about your impressions about the seats. My seats were not the upgrade because I did not feel I needed them. The seats were never comfortable with my back problem. When I had a Cadillac I had the most comfortable seats that did not need any upgrade. Shame that Lincoln only has the great seats with an addition purchase.
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