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Hi Everyone,
We have a 2011 MKS and the fob wont unlock the doors or the trunk. Anyone else had this problem? Tried to change batteries in the fob, check fuses under dash. and nothing


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OK Here goes. This is going to be kind of long winded..

have you noticed any other odd intermittent problems? Along the lines of seat memory not working properly, Or when you use the auto up on the windows the window rolls up and then back down again... headlight(s) (one or both) turning off while driving. Have you had to replace your sunroof motor?

I am asking these questions because there is a problem in the design of the sunroof. Specifically the drain/gutter system. All sunroofs leak, even when they are brand new. so there is a gutter and drain system to catch the water and direct it to the outside of the vehicle. Lincoln was very thoughtful when they installed rubber nipples on the ends of the drain tubes. the nipples let water out and do not let any little critters in (bugs). the problem is they only let water out, and not pine needles. or tree dirt. So the drains gets clogged. There are 4 tubes that run down the 4 corners of the car from the gutter. the gutter is designed to move the water to one of these 4 places. and depending on how you have the vehicle parked one of the corners can overflow if it is not draining. the water will follow the outside of the tube. if this corner happens to be the front drivers you are in for a treat.. on the left hand side of the dash. close to the drivers door. right behind the panel under the steering wheel there is a thing called a Smart Junction Box (SJB) aka Body Control Module (BCM) aka Alarm Module (wink wink remote not working) aka Fuse Box.. and there are many more names for it. This single part is woven into most of the interior electronic doo dads. Think about all of the things the car does when you press a button on the remote..

if you only have the issue of the remote not working then it could be the remote it's self. But if you have noticed any other electrical "gremlins" for components that get used by the factory keyless/alarm then the chances are pretty darn high that the SJB has been infiltrated with water and has begun to corrode. with time more and more "gremlins" will show up.

SJB = about 150 or so USD
Install = probably in the 400 area with programming. if you know of an "honest" dealership 1 hour of labor, it takes about 10 minutes to change the thing and another 15-20 to program it

It is a simple part to replace. You MUST have it coded to the car. so you will need to have the car toed to Lincoln to have it programmed. My local Lincoln dealership charges 75 USD to update/reprogram every module in the car.