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Flashing keypad / locking and unlocking on its own


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Valkaria, FL
Just recently I started noticing the car being locked when I was pretty sure that I didn't lock it. Today I decided to sit outside and watch it a little bit just to be sure I wasn't going crazy. Sure enough, just sitting there, it decides that it wants to be locked. Then about a minute later it self-locks again (parking lights flash). Then I walk up to it and the keypad lights are blinking and without even touching it, it unlocks.

Anybody else have this happen? I don't know if the remote is sending random lock/unlock signals, but with the flashing keypad, I suspect something inside the car is doing it. Really not looking forward to having the dealer try to diagnose this. Its a 2011 and obviously out of warranty. I only have one key and my next step is to try to pull the battery from that remote to see if it stops but I suspect that it won't and I don't want to screw up my only working key.