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Disappointed with Revel Ultima


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We just purchased a 2017 with the Revel Ultima sound system. Overall, we are very pleased with the vehicle. However, despite having made NUMEROUS adjustments to the sound system, it is not even close to the quality of the Sony THX system that was in my 2010 MKS. The Revel Ultima system sounds almost tinny and does not have the deep, rich bass undertones that my THX system had.

Has anyone else had a similar issue and found a solution? We are looking for advice on how to fix the problem because the vehicle has a lot of other features that we really like.

Thank you in advance for your replies.
I agree 100%. I had an MKS with the THX system and now have a Continental with the Revel. The THX had much better sound. Your description of sounding tinny is exactly how I would describe it. I checked out other Lincolns with the Revel system and they all sounded the same....not very good.

Richard W

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Have a 2016 MKX...same says that's just the way it sounds...really?? Found the only way to correct the system is to turn mid level to nothing and crank up the bass & treble a little. That means no mid range (small speakers under windows) but sure sounds better than tin.
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