Disable easy out seat feature

Ok so I download the one for my windows laptop. Than connect with a usb OBDII adapter.
Than what. Where is the lessons for this from than on please.

Your best resource for help is it at the forscan site.
There is a good tutorial.


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I was able to perform the ABS bleed routine using FORScan. It requires you to bleed all four brakes one-at-a-time (in order: FL, FR, RR, RL). The FORScan procedure required on my 2008 TC:
1. Open each bleed screw.
2. Pump brakes.
3. Initiates the ABS auto bleed procedure, takes about 1 min.
4. Close the bleed screw.
5 Repeat all steps above for remaining tires.

I recommend connecting a battery charger to keep the battery from draining. You will also have to remember check the brake fluid reservoir and make sure it does not go empty, very important.

While connected I discovered that my air flow mass sensor had intermittent connection failures. I hit the sensor with wd-40 electrical cleaner and took it for a drive. The error code didn't show up afterwards. I will check it again in the future.

Also, I found out that my 2008 TC has daytime running lights option available, pretty cool. I enabled them and it worked, but left it as disabled.